What exactly is “all-in-one”?

You will be able to publish conference videos in just two weeks.
And if you want, you can also use our monetization service at no additional charge.
What we do includes:

Video recording with one or two cameras (speaker/audience)

Editing, post-production, graphics, the integration of a deck, cutting by talks

Uploading to the content management system

Adding texts, intros and outros, plus photos, the bio of the spokesperson, tags, etc.

Publishing, hosting and stats monitoring

Access management

Monetization kit — no extra charge, revenue-sharing model:
Promo and ads, Payment system, Able to sell access to the entire conference or by individual talks

Open New Opportunities

Save your time and resources. Create content and deliver it ASAP.

Widen your target audience. Engage anyone from all the globe as your customer and virtual event attendees.

Get more money from your event without any additional investment or efforts.